We want our membership to help us shape the future of all NextGen initiatives and as such, have created four sub-committees to help us do just that.

The sub-committees will be responsible for the four areas that we feel are essential to the success of NextGen as an organisation.

We aren’t just looking for people who have experience in these areas. As our mission statement says, we are the change that we want to see; and with this in mind, we’re keen for anyone with an interest in one of these areas or think they have something to add, to put themselves forward.

You can apply to join one or more of the sub-committees below.


Research & insights

Responsible for:

  • Commissioning & collating research

  • Developing social insights related to:

    • diversification of thought

    • age, demographic positioning within the industry

    • attitudes towards long-term, medium-term saving

    • generational shifts

    • innovation

  • Membership insights and analysis

  • Industry insights


Membership & Events

Responsible for:

  • National events calendar

  • Manage regional segmentation (this is about targeting the opportunities relevant to each region, not treating regions as islands)

  • Membership packages

  • Initiatives

  • Speaking slots and external event inclusion and coordination


Media & Communications

Responsible for:

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Media relations (industry and wider)

  • Newsletters

  • Editorial contributions

  • Blogs

  • Design for event invites

  • Slide decks


Mentoring & training

Responsible for:

  • Ongoing mentoring and training of the NextGen membership

  • External training and mentoring as required

  • Coordination of mentoring contributors

  • Devising multilayered training plans (soft-skills etc)