Committee secretary

We’re looking for a Committee secretary – if you’re interested, read on

We need a secretary for our Committee, and we’d like it to be one of our members. You’d help us organise meetings, present papers, and keep projects ticking along. It’s a great way to get some committee experience under your belt – or boost your experience if you’ve already got some. We’re looking for someone who’s keen to support NextGen and has the time to take on the role. 

To help you decide if this job would be right for you, here’s a summary of what it would involve:

 1.     What type of thing would I be doing?

Most of the things you’d help us with would revolve around our NextGen meetings. We normally hold these every other month. Here are some of the things you’d be doing:

  • Help us organise our meetings

  • Prepare the papers and agendas we need for those meetings

  • Come along to the meetings, present papers and of course join in the discussions

  • Draft minutes

  • Help us follow up on actions from meetings

  • Help us keep projects ticking along

You wouldn’t be doing this alone – you’d work closely with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee.

2.     How long would I do it for? 
We’d like someone to commit to the role for 2 years.

 3.    How do I know if I’m right for the role?
If you’re great at organising people, places and things, then you’d be perfect for this role. If you already have experience of being a secretary for a committee, that’s brilliant. If not, that’s no problem at all.

4.    Will I be paid?   
Sorry, no. Well, at least not in money. But if you’re interested in the currency of contributing to the growing NextGen movement, and getting some experience, then this role will make you rich.

5.   How do I apply?

Simply complete the form below. Please include just a couple of paragraphs about why you’d be a good fit for this role. We’ll get in touch with you. Please make sure we get your email by 1st February 2019.

We’ll keep all the information you give us safe. See our policy on that:


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